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January 4, 2019
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January 4, 2019

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An everyday programs that utilizes some kind of loop is when searching, more specific email in your email account. When we go to our email and we do a search of a keyword in an email this will prompt the program to search the email and give a response of all the emails that have that particular keyword. So, either you get a selection of choices until there are no more emails that have that keyword and it will stop searching or it will tell you know there is nothing in the email with that keyword. Another program that might use this loops and I can be wrong, is entering password to enter whatever program, this will prompt you to enter the password and if it is incorrect it will not open the program until the correct password is entered and some will give a specific amounts of times to enter your password and if it is incorrect it will close you out of the program entirely.


2 (md-using)

Loops often used would be online shopping sites like eBay, Amazon, or Walmart use features to search for a particular item and be able to filter according to make the search easier that way it will loop search item, price (high/low or low/high) color, or size this would be while loop criteria. A software that I use at work is eCW (e Clinical Works) which is used to bill insurance company for medical services rendered. In order to work  the AR accounts we use the filter  to work the claims  by provider, number of days which is >120 91-120, 91-60, etc., all active insurance claims, with these features they actually loop in order to retrieve the insurance claims that are outstanding based on the while loop criteria. We really work around loops on a daily basis and really did not have the knowledge behind the concept.


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