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December 30, 2018
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Naturally, human beings are seen by others in 3 main views. likewise as we see most things from aerial view,front

As every object has a 3 D perspective, human beings too have the 3D perspectives that they are viewed through. The perspective at which one views you from determines how that person will treat you. Some people become harsh to you, others friendly and others ignores you. Simply because of the perspective one has viewed you through.

Every time you meet a person, always there is that way that you perceive him/her due to the way he or she has impressed you. Hence the quote popularly known as “first impression matters.” That is why you are urged always to ensure whenever you are, create a right impression so that people don’t misjudge you especially where people are looking after you.

In this article am going to do a quick introduction to those perspectives that every individual has and those are the ones that communicates much to people. If you will be following my blogs I will be teaching you more and more about how to make it count in every view or perspective one sees you

  1. The outward impression

I refer also this to the front view. This is always the first impression that you create to others. This impression most of the time is the one that gives people names other than their really names. Have you ever wondered why some people are saved in a phone book memory as John the Fat, Stella Rude, Nick Pastor etc. The origin of these names in our phones came from the perspective that you viewed such a person at first instance. A person may create a mouthy characteristics, a sharp dress that is associated with models or pastors and just by looking at such a person you judge or perceive him to be either a model, pastor or poor or rich and many more. Equally the way a person looks at you too also defines that person as rude, with attitude, with pride, snobbish etc.

Always remember outward appearance speaks volumes and you can be judged what you are not. Imagine one can assume, you are such a character as above and you are not real. How many people have you found referring them as models while they are not? How many people do you assume that they are rude or snobbish or with attitude and after interacting with them you find that they are opposite of that?

It is natural to perceive people that way because we are cultured that way. What were you first thought when you grew up, that pastors should be always on ties and suit, it created a file in your brain describing a pastor in such a manner. Look at the drawings of the devil all over the world. How does he look? Scarily, why because the first person created the devil’s image drew him he and made him appear so and the picture was painted scarily. From there on wards it is believed the devil is an ugly creature.

So we judge people from the first impression they make with relation to the file that is stored in our memory. What our eyes sees they send to images to our brains to try and interpret what we have seen. The images are then matched with what is in the memory and then a match is found. If the file found in our brains is labelled attitude or pastor or monkey immediately we judge or perceive that person and put a label on him or her as per the label in the file in the memory.

Why do label them that way? So that we don’t forget them! So next time don’t worry if you are saved or nick named some funny names. Don’t complain. You too, you have somebody you have labeled them same way.

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