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November 4, 2018
Maths Assignment
November 4, 2018

Employment and staffing

Answer the questions below in an 8-12 page paper. Be sure to address all five questions.
1. What should be included in an organization’s plan for recruitment sources? What is the
difference between proactive and reactive recruitment and what is the difference between
traditional and innovative recruitment sources?
2. What is necessary for establishing a pre-recruitment foundation for competency-based
interviewing? What are the four competencies that should be examined and included in an
organization’s competency-based interviewing? Include factors related to the notion of cultural
3. What is involved with interview preparation? Include factors such as job description, job
analysis, right fit, etc.
4. Why is it important to have competency-based questions?
5. Why is it important to conduct background checks? What steps are taken to conduct
background checks?
Your answers should reflect skills and knowledge you have developed in multiple parts of the course.
Your Final Project should be in the form of a plan for attracting and retaining top employees. You should use your present employer, a past employer, or a company you would like to go to work for as the model for your plan so you can use examples and amplify on the factors and answers to these questions in a real life situation you can relate to.

Identify the firm you are addressing for your plan in the Introduction of the paper. Utilize the actual
final project questions in body of paper (can be in italics or color font) followed by your detailed
answer for each respective question. . Four resources are required besides the text. Your research needs to
be from credible and/or scholarly sources so at least two resources need to be from the online library
Review the Grading Rubric below before starting this assignment.

Unit 9 Final Project Rubric Percentage Possible
1. Described the difference between proactive and reactive
recruitment and between traditional and innovative recruitment
2. Explained the elements involved with a pre-recruitment
3. Identified the four competencies types to use in interviews.
4. Addressed why it is important to use competency-based
5. Identified factors related to cultural fit.
6. Explained the key elements of interview preparation including
job analysis and job descriptions.
7. Described why background checks are important to conduct
and the steps involved.
50% 50
Analysis and Critical Thinking: Responses demonstrated critical
thinking and analysis and exhibited application of information.
30% 30
Clear business writing. Spelling and grammar are acceptable.
Effective use of APA.
20% 20
Total 100% 100


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