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January 4, 2019
Speech Overview of Research Assignment
January 4, 2019

You will create proposal for a special event on behalf of the issue/organization you used for the Stakeholder Analysis and previous tactical packages. You will be writing this proposal for the executive team of the organization; they will make the decision to approve or decline your idea.

Your event should be designed to achieve a specific goal: celebrate, promote something, raise funds, honor a person, educate attendees, or some other worthy intent that is appropriate for the organization/issue.

In deciding what event to propose:

Select one or more of the stakeholder groups you identified in the first paper as the target audience for your event. Why would this event appeal to and attract these people?

Consider the cost of the event. What budget do you need? What is the anticipated return on the investment? Make sure the budget (and/or potential returns, depending on the type of even you’re planning) is appropriate/affordable for the organization.

Components of the proposal:

Describe in a cogent paragraph or two the event, the goal and the reason it will appeal to your intended target audience(s).

Explain the event itself in sufficient detail for the executive team to understand what you are proposing.

Present and justify the budget. What are the factors you’re including in the budget estimate? For example, if you’re writing for a non-profit, did you get the space donated or did you need to rent the location? Are you serving food? Cash or open bar? Advertising, registration (if necessary), decorations, tables, chairs, security, gifts, staffing, etc. would all be categories. Don’t feel you need to propose a massive event.

Finally, select a format for the proposal that you believe would best support your idea. You could:

Produce a narrated PowerPoint presentation

Write a nice proposal

Produce a video of you presenting the proposal

Develop some other really cool/creative way to pitch your idea


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