-Choose one publicly listed company for the three following objectives:

Team Performance Measurement (SLP)
October 28, 2018
Capital Budgeting Case
October 28, 2018

Prepare a written assignment to address the following objectives: (see in “Order Instructions”)

-Choose one publicly listed company for the three following objectives:

1) Explain through a real world example of how accounting and budgeting information can contribute to, and support, effective strategic decision-making.
2) Based on a real world example, outline the benefits and weaknesses of using financial leverage and issuing bonds.
3) Describe the cash flow statements and apply the financial statement analysis (financial ratios, liquidity, profitability…) on a publicly listed company.

-Text book used for the class: “Introduction to Management Accounting” Fourteenth Edition, Pearson International Edition, Horngren/ Sundem/ Straton/ Burgstahler/ Schatzberg.

-Word length of 1500-2000 words including: Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion and Recommendation.

-Order of Pages:
a) Executive Summary
b) Table of Contents
c) Introduction
d) Main Body
e) Conclusion
f) Recommendation
g) Reference List
h) Appendix Items

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